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Wrath of the Lich King

The Argent Tournament


What Is the Argent Tournament?

What Do I Do There?

  1. Do the introductory quest.
  2. Become an Aspirant.
  3. Start the Black Knight chain.
  4. Do Aspirant daily quests until you qualify for Valiant status.
  5. Become a Valiant (initially of your home city).
  6. Do Valiant daily quests until you qualify for Champion status.
  7. Become a Champion (initially of your home city).
  8. Complete the Black Knight chain.
  9. Qualify for Champion dailies.
  10. Do Champion daily quests to accumulate Champion's Seals (used to purchase gear, pets, and mounts), Champion's Writs (used to purchase reputation tokens), faction reputation, cash, and (if you are under 80) experience.
  11. If you are qualified, do Sunreaver daily quests to gain more cash, more Champion's Seals, and still more unique items and mounts.
  12. If desired, repeat steps 5-7 for each Horde city faction.
  13. Eventually, if you complete the Achievement: Exalted Argent Champion of the Horde, Crusader daily quests will become available to you.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Go to the Argent Tournament Grounds [center: 73,21] in northeastern Icecrown. (See Map1.)

    If you lack the Argent Tournament flight point, a flying mount, cold-weather flying, or simply the inclination to make your way there on your own, there is an easy way to get there. Go to Krasus' Landing in Dalaran, and talk to Jean Pierre Poulain [Dalaran: 70,47]. He will arrange a free, commercial flight to the Argent Tournament Grounds flight point [Icecrown: 72,22].

    • He is on the southwest side of the landing circle and carrying a banner.
    • You can take the flight only once. (After that, you can take a conventional flight from the flight master or fly there on your own.)
    • If you have already been to the tournament grounds and have the flight point there, this special flight is unavailable.

  2. Get your bearings. (See Map1 again.)

    • The Argent Tournament Grounds cover a somewhat oblong area basically bounded by four things:
      • At the northeast corner [76,19] is the Silver Covenant Pavilion, the Alliance tent.
      • At the southeast corner [76,24] is Sunreaver Pavilion, the Horde tent.
      • At the northwest corner [69,20] is the Argent Valiants' Ring, a jousting site.
      • At the southwest corner [69,22] is the Argent Pavilion, a neutral tent, and your immediate destination.
    • The center of the area is the coliseum, a sprawling building previously under construction but now complete. It has a domed center [74,21]; three short wings on the north, south, and east; and an extended wing to the west.
    • Sheltered by the southern edge of the western wing of the coliseum are the flight point [72,22] and the stables housing Champion mounts.
    • Note two other areas of future interest:
      • South of the stables is the Ring of Champions [roughly 71,23], site of Champion jousts.
      • On the north side of the western wing of the coliseum are repairmen (in front of a forge and anvil), vendors, and, a few yards further north, the Aspirants' training area [72,19].

  3. Talk to Justicar Mariel Trueheart [69,22], just inside the Argent Pavilion, and pick up the quest she offers. (Her second quest was deleted in 3.2.)

  4. You can now ignore these quests and questgivers, all of which were deleted in patch 3.2:

  5. The Argent Tournament
    Simple travel quest from Justicar Mariel Trueheart to Magister Edien Sunhollow [76,24] in the Sunreaver Pavilion (the Horde tent in the southeast corner of the Argent Tournament Grounds).

    Rewards: 10 reputation with The Sunreavers, 2200 experience (or 1g32s at level 80), 74s.

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