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The Argent Tournament

Champion Quests

Champion Quests: Preliminary

To get these quests, you must have completed the racially appropriate version (example) of The Valiant's Challenge.

  1. A Champion Rises
    Simple travel quest (example) from the Sunreaver Pavilion to Justicar Mariel Trueheart in the entrance to the Argent Pavilion (the large tent in the southwest corner of the Argent Tournament Grounds).


    • Although there are five Horde versions of this quest (and five Alliance versions) - one for each city faction - you can do only one. Your race's questgiver is whoever first gave you The Valiant's Challenge.

  2. One of the Following Travel Quests:

Champion Quests: Dailies

For most classes of both factions, the Champion daily questgivers are in the eastern corner [69,23] of the Argent Pavilion, the large tent in the southwest corner of the Argent Tournament Grounds. For Death Knights of both factions, the Champion daily questgivers [73,19] are on the north side of the Argent Tournament Grounds, west of the Alliance tent. (See map.)

There are thus two sets of Champion daily quests - one for Death Knights, and one for everyone else, regardless of faction. Horde and Alliance Champion dailies have different quest numbers but are otherwise identical - except that Alliance players gain reputation with The Silver Covenant instead of Argent Crusade.

To pick up the first three dailies, you must have completed either Eadric the Pure or The Scourgebane.

Among the Champions
Jousting quest from Luuri (or Illyrie Nightfall, for the Death Knight version) to the Ring of Champions [roughly 71,23]. There you must defeat (not kill) four Champion NPCs using the standard mounted-combat skills:

  1. Thrust
  2. Shield-Breaker
  3. Charge
  4. Defend
  5. Refresh Mount.

  1. Go to the Champion stables [71-72,22] south of the construction area, just west of the flight point. (See map.) (The Valiant mounts [75,23] outside Sunreaver Pavilion are usable but further from the quest site.)
  2. Equip a lance, and mount any available stabled mount, and ride to the Ring of Champions [71,23], a large rectangular area just south of the (marked) Champion stables.
  3. Remember to click the Defend icon or the 4 key repeatedly until you are surrounded by three green shields. Refresh as needed.
  4. Approach and target any of the Champion NPCs surrounding the Ring of Champions.
  5. Right-click to talk to them, and choose the only available option to challenge them and start your joust.
  6. Use any combination of Thrust (the 1 key), Shield-Breaker (the 2 key), and Charge (the 3 key) to batter your opponent until it surrenders.
  7. Refresh Mount to restore your mount (and you, effectively) to full health before challenging another NPC.
  8. Repeat steps 3-7 to defeat three other NPCs.
    • With the easing of restrictions in patch 3.2, it is now feasible to fight more than one opponent from the same faction. However, once you defeat any NPC, you must wait at least five minutes before challenging another - Champion or Valiant - of that faction.
  9. When you have defeated four Champions and collected four Marks of the Champion, return to Luuri (or Illyrie Nightfall).


Taking Battle to the Enemy
Quest from Cellian Daybreak (or Zor'be the Bloodletter, for the Death Knight version) to kill 15 Cult of the Damned cultists in Deathspeaker's Watch [62,21], a new quest area west of the Argent Tournament Grounds. (See map.)


Battle Before the Citadel
Killing quest from Eadric the Pure (or Crok Scourgebane, for the Death Knight version) to the Court of Bones in southern Icecrown.

  1. Go to the camp [49,71] in the Court of Bones, just south of Corp'rethar, the Horror Gate. On the Icecrown map, it's at the bottom of the "E" in "CORP'RETHAR". (See map.)
  2. Dismount, equip a lance, and mount a Stabled Campaign Warhorse.
  3. Use Defend until you are protected by three green shields, and then go hunting.
  4. Boneguard Commanders are clustered south [51,78] on the cobblestone path (the southerly gray-brown path on the map), just north of a large staircase [51,79 - 52,83].
  5. Using the standard mounted-combat skills, kill Boneguard Commander x3.
  6. Return to Eadric (or Crok).


Threat from Above
Available only after completing the quest, The Black Knight's Fall.
Group [3] quest from Eadric the Pure (or Crok Scourgebane, for the Death Knight version) to kill Chillmaw (a skeletal dragon) and three Cultist Bombardiers.

  1. Get a group together. (You can often form or join an impromptu group at the quest site.) A few people manage to solo this, but the practical minimum is a healer and either a paladin or a death knight - both 80 and in decent gear. A group of three or more is preferable.
  2. On a map of Icecrown, just west of the word, ALDUR'THAR, and a little south of the Shadow Vault, is a marked slope over which Chillmaw flies. On the west end of its eliptical route, the dragon loops around a tall, rocky spire and turns east before reaching the Ironwall Rampart. At roughly that point [44,32], as Chillmaw begins to fly eastward, the dragon is closest to the ground and most easily fought. (See map.)
  3. Kill Chillmaw - 82 Undead (Elite).
    • About 108k health.
    • Does physical and frost damage (both to the front).
    • Chillmaw's sheer size and frost breath tend to obscure the battle and make spotting and targeting the bombardiers difficult.
  4. Kill Cultist Bombardier - 80 Humanoid (Elite) - x3.
    • About 25k health apiece.
    • Two main attacks, both doing Fire damage:
    • The bombs show a mark at your feet before they explode. To avoid them, move off the marks!
    • Anyone fighting Chillmaw at close range may have a hard time spotting the marks. To avoid the bombs, the tank should slowly move backward while any melee dps follows along.
    • Targeting tips:
      • A simple macro - "/target Cultist Bombardier" - may help.
      • The bombers often cluster around your group's healer.
  5. Return to Eadric (or Crok).

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