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A Guide to the New Daily Quests

Patch 3.2 (8/4/09) added two new sets of daily quests for characters who have been particularly successful in the Argent Tournament: Sunreaver Quests (for those with the achievement, The Sunreavers) and Crusader Quests (for those with the impressive achievement, Exalted Champion of the Horde, and the accompanying Crusader title).

These quests are available only if you are level 80 and have attained all of the following achievements:

All of these quests start and end inside the Argent Pavilion [69,22], the large tent in the southwest corner of the Argent Tournament Grounds. (See Map1.)

Despite persistent errors on both Wowhead and thottbot, the cash reward at level 80 for each of these quests is the same: 13g23s.

High Crusader Adelard's Quests

Every day, High Crusader Adelard in the Argent Pavilion offers one of the following killing quests, at random. They are all easy for anyone qualified to pick them up, and they pair up nicely with the Sunreaver dailies from Girana the Blooded.

Crusader Silverdawn's Quests

Every day, Crusader Silverdawn in the Argent Pavilion offers one of the following quests.

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