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Getting Gear

Regardless of your class, some of the best gear available in Cataclysm can be acquired only after attaining Honored, Revered, or Exalted status with the new factions. In the updated pages of this guide, we've added gear from two other sources: crafted gear from all professions and quest rewards for quests in Cataclysm zones and instances. In all cases, we're only listing items good enough (iLevel 333 and above) to qualify you for heroic instances and raids.

Note: Specifically excluded from these lists: Gems, enchantments, crafted BoP items and enhancements, and similar items only available to a member of a specific profession. (If you are a crafter, of course, don't forget these items!)

In the lists below, find the class or subclass (spec) of your character, and follow the link.

Character Class and Subclass

Faction Quartermasters

Faction Quartermaster Location
Guardians of Hyjal Provisioner Whitecloud Nordrassil (Mount Hyjal) [62.8,23.8], inside the inn. (See Map1.)
The Earthen Ring Provisioner Arok Shimmering Expanse (Vash'jir) [49,42], in Silver Tide Hollow (a cave). (See Map2.)
Ramkahen Blacksmith Abasi Ramkahen (Uldum) [54,33.2], west of the king's palace. (See Map3.)
Dragonmaw Clan Grot Deathblow Bloodgulch (Twilight Highlands) [53.8,42.0]. (See Map4.)
Therazane D'lom the Collector Therazane's Throne (Deepholme) [56.8,13.2], in the north end of the zone, on a high, sheltered ledge. (See Map5.)
Hellscream's Reach Pogg Hellscream's Grasp (Tol Barad Peninsula) [54.6,81.1], at the center of the south edge of the zone. (See Map6.)
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