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Cataclysm Gear: Mail

DPS in Mail

In Cataclysm, Enhancement Shamans and Hunters tend to wear much of the same gear. Their shared, primary attribute is Agility (their primary source of Attack Power), but they also benefit from Crit, Haste, and Mastery. Both classes need Hit, but Shamans need much more Hit than Hunters do. Like Rogues and other physical dps classes, Shamans also need a reasonable level of Expertise (enough to counteract the Dodge ability of their targets), but Hunters should avoid Expertise entirely.

Quest Reward Gear for DPS in Mail

Zone or Dungeon Item Quest Questgiver
Grim Batol Bracers Closing a Dark Chapter Baleflame
Halls of Origination Gloves Doing it the Hard Way Brann Bronzebeard
Lost City of the Tolvir Feet The Source of Their Power Captain Hadan
Mount Hyjal Cloak Elemental Bonds: The Vow (none)
Ring [1] Through the Gates of Hell Malfurion Stormrage
Trinket [2] Additional Armaments Damek Bloombeard
Feet [2] Calling the Ancients Varlan Highbough
Ring [2]
Relic [2] [3]
Filling the Moonwell Ayla Shadowstorm
Twilight Highlands Legs Krazz Works! Patch
Necklace Battle of Life and Death Calen
Gloves Skullcrusher the Mountain The Hammer of Twilight
1H Axe [4]
Bow [5]
The Crucible of Carnage:
The Twilight Terror!
Staff [5] Fury Unbound Zaela
  1. Upon completion of the quest, you must purchase this (for roughly 70-90g, depending on your reputation with the Guardians of Hyjal) from Zen'Vorka, who is next to Malfurion Stormrage, inside the cave.
  2. Upon completion of the quest, you must purchase this from the questgiver (and vendor).
  3. Not for Hunters.
  4. Better for Shamans.
  5. Only for Hunters.

Reputation Reward Gear for DPS in Mail

Faction Honored Revered Exalted
Guardians of Hyjal Necklace Feet
The Earthen Ring Shoulders Cloak Ring
Ramkahen Belt Head Enhancement
Dragonmaw Clan Head
Therazane Shoulder Enhancement Ring Shoulder Enhancement
Hellscream's Reach Trinket 1H Axe [1]
Polearm [2]
Crossbow [2]
  1. Better for Shamans.
  2. Only for Hunters.

Crafted Gear for DPS in Mail

Profession 333/Other Rare 346+ Epic 359+
Blacksmithing Polearm [1]
1H Axe [2]
Dagger [2][3]
Polearm [1]
1H Axe? [3][4]
1H Sword [1][2]
Dagger [2][3]
Engineering Crossbow [1]
Gun [1]
Ranged Enhancement [1]
Ranged Enhancement [1]
Bow [1]
Gun [1]
Ranged Enhancement [1]
Ranged Enhancement [1]
Gun [1]
Inscription Relic [4] Trinket [5]
Jewelcrafting Fist Weapon [2] Necklace
Necklace [6]
Ring [6]
Leatherworking Chest
Leg Enhancement
Vicious Dragonscale [7]
Leg Enhancement

  1. Only for Hunters.
  2. Not ideal for Hunters.
  3. Not ideal for Shamans.
  4. Not for Hunters.
  5. Although technically this is a quest reward from the Darkmoon Faire, Scribes (inscriptionists) make the Winds cards that compose the Hurricane Deck, which is exchanged for the trinket.
  6. Since plate-wearing dps is the only group that gets no accessories from jewelcrafters, I can only believe one of these necklaces and one of these rings were supposed to have Strength instead of Agility.
  7. This is PvP gear but, even for PvE, may be an upgrade for PvE items whose level is 346 or below. (Resilience has no effect in PvE encounters, but the other stats of this 377 PvP gear may outweigh the total stats of lower-level PvE gear.)

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