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Wrath of the Lich King

Starting in Borean Tundra

A Guide to the Starting Area of Warsong Hold

Wrath of the Lich King is out. If you have installed it on your computer, you have two main choices:

  1. Create a Death Knight.
  2. Take one or more of your existing high-level (68+) characters to the new continent of Northrend, and hit the road to level 80.

If you want to make a Death Knight, there's a reasonable introduction on Wowhead.

If you want to take an existing character to Northrend, you must choose between two different starting areas:

The Guide

Getting to Borean Tundra

Leaving Orgrimmar

Exit Orgrimmar from the main gate. To the left (east) is the old zeppelin tower (to the Undercity or Grom'gol). Don't go there! Instead, angle right (southwest), past the first farm building to a new, rather stumpy structure that doesn't look much like a zeppelin tower but is. Go up the stairs and onto the waiting platform. When the zeppelin arrives, get on it. Next stop: Warsong Hold!

Arriving in Warsong Hold

Unlike Vengeance Landing, Warsong Hold is not a town; it's a large, convoluted, basically circular four-story building surrounded by a walled courtyard and questing area. The Hold is oriented diagonally: The main entrance ramp extends from the arrival platform southeast to the outside, and there is a large cross-corridor on the main level that runs northeast to southwest.

Getting from one floor to another can be confusing. A mirrored pair of curving ramps connects the third floor, where the zeppelin leaves you, with the second or middle level, where many of the trainers are. Another, similar pair of ramps in the northwest quadrant connects the middle level with the first floor - the main level. Between that set of ramps, an elevator connects the second floor with the roof, where the flight point is. A passage opening onto the main (entrance) ramp and two side corridors provide access to the outside from the main level.

First things first:

  1. From the small zeppelin platform [41,53] on the third floor, step forward and pick up the quest, Hellscream's Vigil, from the Warsong Recruitment Officer on the upper landing. It's a simple travel quest to talk to Garrosh Hellscream, two floors below, and enables you to pick up other quests in Warsong Hold.
  2. Ignore the main ramp straight ahead. Instead, take one of the side ramps down and consult with the trainers on the second floor.
  3. Go to the northwest end, and take the elevator to the roof. Exit north, and pick up the flight point [41,52].
  4. Take the elevator back down to the second floor. Exit on either side (not the front), and take the ramp (either ramp) down to the main level.
  5. Talk to Garrosh [41,53] in the center of Warsong Hold, and complete Hellscream's Vigil.
  6. Before picking up any other quests, check out the rest of the main level; locate the inn, mailbox, trainers, and vendors.

Warsong Hold

The Roof

The Third Floor

The Second Floor

The base of the elevator [40,52], which also provides access to the two downward ramps, is in the northwest corner.

The center [41,53] of the middle level, between the ramps and opposite the bottom of the elevator, contains a number of trainers. From left to right:

Around the back [41,54] - the southeast side - of the middle level are more trainers and vendors:

The Main Level

Garrosh's chamber [41,53] is in the center of Warsong Hold.

The Inn [41,54] is a room on the main level just east of Garrosh's room.

The eastern quarter [42,53], just northeast of the inn, is the engineering area.

In the southern quarter [41,55], the blacksmith area just southwest of the inn, are forge, anvil, and various NPCs.

The stables [40,53] line the southwest corridor.

The Courtyard (Outside)

Just outside Warsong Hold are four quest-givers:

Taunka'le Village

Two trainers are *not* in Warsong Hold. Instead, they are a considerable distance east northeast, in Taunka'le Village, inside the Inn there:


Preliminary Quests

The Cooking Quest

Round One

Available after completing the preliminary quests.

Round Two

Travel Quests

Available after completing the preliminary quests:

Available after completing Nerub'ar Secrets:

  1. Message to Hellscream
    Travel quest from Shadowstalker Barthus (in Overlord Razgor's hut) to Garrosh Hellscream inside Warsong Hold.
    Rewards: 25 Warsong Offensive reputation, 5050 experience.

  2. Reinforcements Incoming...
    Travel quest from Garrosh to Shadowstalker Ickorus [38,52] at the Warsong Farms Outpost just west of Warsong Hold.
    Rewards: 25 Warsong Offensive reputation, 5050 experience.

Available after completing Cutting Off the Source:

  1. Wind Master To'bor
    Travel quest from Overlord Razgor (in the hut northeast of the main entrance to the Hold) to Wind Master To'bor on the southeast section of the roof of Warsong Hold.
    Rewards: 10 Warsong Offensive reputation, 2000 experience.

  2. Magic Carpet Ride
    Travel quest (by magic carpet) from Wind Master To'bor (via Yanni) to Gorge the Corpsegrinder [32,54] at Garrosh's Landing on the west coast.
    Rewards: 10 Warsong Offensive reputation, 2000 experience.

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