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The Shattered Sun Offensive

Doing the Quests: Part Two

A Step-by-Step Guide

Blade's Edge Mountains

Intercepting the Mana Cells or Maintaining the Sunwell Portal
Daily quest from Exarch Nasuun in Shattrath.

  1. Take a commercial flight to Evergrove in the Blade's Edge Mountains.
  2. Fly north northwest to Bash'ir Landing [around 51,15], the western end of the northernmost area of Blade's Edge.
  3. Kill ethereals of any type (Unbound Ethereals or Bash'ir Raiders, Arcanists, or Spell-Thieves) until one drops a Bash'ir Phasing Device. (If you are in a group, only one person needs the Device.)
  4. "Use" (right-click) the Phasing Device. You and everyone in your group are now invisible to all hostiles except Phase Wyrms.
  5. Kill Phase Wyrms that attack or get in the way.
  6. Look for glowing purple boxes that show a gear when you mouse over them. They are the Smuggled Mana Cells you are looking for.
  7. Get within looting range of a Mana Cell and loot it.
  8. Repeat until you have 10 Mana Cells. (If you are in a group, everyone must collect 10 Mana Cells.)
  9. Return to Exarch Nasuun to collect your reward: 250 SSO Rep, 9500 experience, 4g40s, Shattered Sun Supplies.

Hellfire Peninsula

The Missing Magistrix
Travel quest (not repeatable) from Captain Theris Dawnhearth at the Shattered Sun Staging Area on the Isle of Quel'Danas.

  1. Go to Dawning Square (the cleared area southwest of the Armory, where the demons are).
  2. Make your way to the "demonic portal" (the glowing green curtain on the east side of Dawning Square).
  3. "Use" (right-click) the provided Captured Legion Scroll, which will teleport you to the Legion Gateway, a structure at the western end of the Throne of Kil'jaeden in Hellfire Peninsula.
  4. Exit the portal to the north and continue a short distance farther to Magistrix Seyla [58,17].
  5. Click on Seyla, surrender the scroll, complete the quest, and collect your reward: 75 SSO Rep, 9500 experience, 3g40s.

Blast the Gateway
Daily quest from Magistrix Seyla [58,17] at the western end of the Throne of Kil'jaeden (the northernmost part of Hellfire Peninsula).

  1. Right-click the provided Sizzling Embers. This will summon a Living Flare, a fiery companion that will follow you around.
    • If you have an epic flying mount, do not use it until you are finished with the quest: If you go too fast, you'll lose your companion and have to start over by resummoning one. (It seems to be safe to use a normal flying mount or any ground mount.)
    • Don't get killed! If you die, the Living Flare will despawn, and you'll have to - yep - start over by resummoning one.
  2. Kill Incandescent Fel Sparks (fire elementals) anywhere in the area - or simply be close to any when they are killed; dying Fel Sparks energize your Living Flare. (This is a good thing.) ; )
  3. After about eight such kills, your Living Flare will turn into a much larger Unstable Living Flare.
  4. Go to the Legion Gateway [58,18] just south of Seyla, and enter.
  5. Stand there. After a few seconds, your Unstable Living Flare will explode, destroying the Gateway.
  6. Return to Magistrix Seyla a few yards away, and collect your reward: 250 SSO Rep, 9500 experience, 4g40s, Shattered Sun Supplies.

Blood for Blood
Daily quest from Magistrix Seyla [58,17] at the western end of the Throne of Kil'jaeden (the northernmost part of Hellfire Peninsula).

  1. Put the provided Fel Siphon in your Action Bar. (This is helpful but not necessary.)
  2. Kill Wrath Heralds (level 69-70 demons) in the area (generally a bit east and south of Seyla).
  3. Loot a vial of Demonic Blood from each dead Wrath Herald.
  4. Carefully approach a Felblood Initiate (a level 70 elite humanoid), and stop just within range of distance combat.
  5. Target the Felblood Initiate, and shoot or cast a damage spell (not a channeled spell!). This will, of course, aggro the Initiate, who will run toward you.
  6. When it gets within about 20 yards, use (right-click) the Fel Siphon, or click the icon in your Action Bar. (This will consume one vial of Demonic Blood.) Stand there and wait for the channeled effect to finish.
    • Be sure to "tag" (damage) the Felblood Initiate before you use the Fel Siphon, or someone else could tag your target and get the credit while you do all the work.
    • Warning: Do not aggro a Felblood Initiate without Demonic Blood to power your Fel Siphon! They don't look like much, but Initiates are much tougher than the much larger Wrath Heralds.
  7. The Felblood Initiate will turn into an Emaciated Felblood (level 69 nonelite - and a wimp). Kill it.
  8. Repeat Steps 3-7 until you have killed 4 Emaciated Felbloods.
  9. Return to Seyla and collect your reward: 250 SSO Rep, 12650 experience, 4g40s, Mark of Sargeras x5 or Sunfury Signet x5.


The Multiphase Survey
Daily quest from Harbinger Haronem in Shattrath.

  1. Collect the Multiphase Spectrographic Goggles (and the quest) from Haronem, but do not put them on!
  2. Go to Nagrand.
  3. Put the Goggles on. (If you already have them on, take them off and put them back on again, or they won't work.) Suggestion: Add the icon to your Action Bar.
  4. Go to southwestern Nagrand - anywhere in a large circle centered on Oshu'gun [36,71], roughly equal to (but actually somewhat larger than) the area encircled by Durn the Hungerer.
  5. Look for large, swirling, orange balls of energy.
  6. Run, ride, or fly to the nearest ball of energy.
  7. When you are within 20 yards, right-click the goggles - or the icon in your Action Bar. The ball will disappear. One down, five to go. (Unless a dozen people are doing the same quest simultaneously, the balls are all over the place, and in any case their respawn rate is extremely high.)
  8. Repeat until done (2-3 minutes maximum).
  9. Return to Harbinger Haronem, and collect your reward: 150 SSO Rep, 9500 experience, 3g40s.


Sunfury Attack Plans
Daily quest from Lord Torvos in Shattrath.

  1. Go to Netherstorm.
  2. Go to any of the areas around Manaforge Ara [26,38], Manaforge B'naar [23,68], Manaforge Coruu [48,81], Manaforge Duro [59,66], or Sunfury Hold [56,78].
  3. Kill Sunfury blood elves of any variety until one drops the Sunfury Attack Plans. (Note: The drop rate is low, but if you are in a group, everyone in the group can loot the Attack Plans from the same body.)
  4. Return to Lord Torvos, and collect the reward: 250 SSO Rep, 9500 experience, 4g40s, Shattered Sun Supplies.

Shadowmoon Valley

Ata'mal Armaments
Daily quest to Shadowmoon Valley from Smith Hauthaa, se of the Armory on the Isle of Quel'Danas.

  1. Go to Ata'mal Terrace [66,35 - 72,41], the northwestern block of the Black Temple complex on the eastern edge of Shadowmoon Valley.
  2. Bring a friend! This quest can be soloed, but it's hard and dangerous.
  3. Find a safe spot to land and begin. As Kanta suggested, the best and safest place to solo this quest - especially for melee types - is the outer (southern) edge of the south wall [y=41], which is so low you can walk back and forth between the wall and the corridor it borders. The central spot [69,41] is fine, but if you get impatient, you can run or fly to the next wall section east or west.

    Casters or groups have a few alternatives:
    • A raised section [70,40] of the higher wall a few yards north, just east of two Shadowmoon Slayers.
    • The hill [67,36] in the northwest corner overlooking Smith Gorlunk (to the east), a lower section with some Slayers (to the west), and the main stairs (to the south).
    • The northern tip of the western railing [70,34] of a small landing at the base of the rocky north wall.
    • If you're in a group, want lots of targets, and can deal with major battles, it is possible to land in the center of a large terrace. Things will get very messy as soon as you start fighting, though.
  4. Kill any or all varieties of "fel orcs": Shadowmoon Chosen, Darkweavers, or Slayers. If you fight from the recommended spot [69,41] on the south wall, you'll fight only Slayers, which are easy to pull and present the fewest complications for meleers. Do pull them to you; don't go to them, or you'll quickly find yourself fighting a swarm.
    • Watch out for Shadowmoon Eyes of Kilrogg, those floating green balls that summon aggressors if they spot you. Stay away, or kill them as soon as they get in range. (There are two of these in the suggested south corridor: one on the west side and one on the east. Their routes do not overlap.)
    • Avoid Shadowsworn Drakonids, the patrolling elites. They're nasty and don't drop the quest objects you're after. (There is one whose route covers the entire south corridor in about a one-minute loop. If you rest and fight at the very back edge of the wall, the Drakonid will pass you by without a second glance.)
  5. Roughly half the time, a fel orc will drop an Ata'mal Armament. Loot it.
  6. Continue until you have gathered 5 Ata'mal Armaments.
  7. Return to Smith Hauthaa on the Isle of Quel'Danas. (While you're there, sell and repair!)
  8. Standing close to the forge, right-click the Ata'mal Armaments in your Backpack. After a few seconds, one will be replaced by Cleansed Ata'mal Metal.
  9. Repeat until you have 5 pieces of Cleansed Ata'mal Metal.
  10. Talk to Smith Hauthaa, turn in the quest, and get your reward: 350 SSO Rep, 15800 experience, 8g80s, Blessed Weapon Coating (for casters and healers) or Righteous Weapon Coating (for everyone else).

Shattrath City

Gaining the Advantage
Daily quest from Emissary Mordin in Shattrath.

  1. The first step depends on your profession.
    • Herbalists: Find a pickable plant, anywhere in the Outlanders, and pick it.
    • Miners: Find an ore deposit anywhere in the Outlands, and mine it.
    • Skinners: Find a skinnable beast anywhere in the Outlands; kill and skin it.
  2. If you are lucky, you will get a Nether Residue in addition to your usual results. (The drop rate - no surprise - is less than 100%. The rate for miners, initially abysmal, has been increased substantially, and it is possible to get more than one Residue from a single node.)
  3. Repeat until you have accumulated 8 Nether Residue.
  4. Return to Emissary Mordin, and collect your reward: 250 SSO Rep, 12650 experience, 8g80s, Major Rejuvenation Potion.

Terokkar Forest

Discovering Your Roots or Rediscovering Your Roots
Daily quest to Razorthorn Ridge from Mar'nah in the Inn on the Isle of Quel'Danas.

  1. Fly to Razorthorn Ridge, the southern edge of the mountains that separate the northern end of Terokkar Forest from the southern part of Hellfire Peninsula. (From Shattrath City, just fly northeast.) Razorthorn Ridge is divided into four distinct sections:
    • Eastern Razorthorn Ridge [58,12 - 60,10] is an enclosed, elliptical area densely covered with thorns; it can be entered only at its northern [60,8] or western [56,13] end. It contains Razorthorn Flayers, Razorthorn Ravagers, and the dirt mounds containing the Razorthorn Roots you are seeking.
    • Western Razorthorn Ridge [46,5 - 47,6] is an enclosed, elliptical area densely covered with thorns; it has entrances at its eastern [48,8], western [45,4], and southwestern [46,7] points. It too contains Flayers, Ravagers, and dirt mounds.
    • Central Razorthorn Ridge is a long, crooked path connecting eastern and western Razorthorn Ridge; aside from an occasional thorny branch, it's open, barren, and inhabited by both Flayers and Ravagers. There are no mounds in this area except where it joins the eastern or western sections of the Ridge.
    • The Hellfire Peninsula part [18,78] is just over the zone boundary from Terokkar [at 44,2] - a small, open, barren, hilly plateau northwest of Western Razorthorn Ridge, inhabited by 4-5 Razorthorn Flayers (no Ravagers, no mounds).
  2. Locate and kill Razorthorn Flayers until one drops a Razorthorn Flayer Gland. The best place to do this is usually the Hellfire Peninsula part of the Ridge: Most of the time, there's no competition; it's easy to pull individual Flayers; and there are no Ravagers to worry about.
  3. Go to the eastern or western sections of Razorthorn Ridge, and locate a Razorthorn Ravager. (You can do this in the open, central section, but you have to end up in one of the covered sections eventually.)
  4. Some Ravagers are bugged and motionless; make sure your target moves. (To check, try to aggro it. If it attacks, it's OK. If not, find another one.)
  5. Target the Ravager and "use" (right-click) the Flayer Gland.
  6. Congratulations! You now have a new (albeit temporary) pet, complete with its own pet bar. It will even fight for you, just like any other combat pet. (If you're a Hunter or Warlock, your usual pet was automatically dismissed when you acquired the Flayer but can be resummoned later in the usual fashion.)
    • If you are in a group, one pet can serve the entire group.
  7. Locate a dirt mount and move moderately close to it.
  8. In your pet action bar, click the thorny icon ("Expose Razorthorn Root").
  9. Your pet will move to the dirt mound and start to dig. (If it aggroes a Ravager or Flayer, you and the pet will have to deal with the attacker before the pet can finish digging.)
  10. After a few seconds of digging, the dirt mount will be replaced by a lootable Razorthorn Root. Loot the root.
    • Warning: Once the root is exposed, anyone can loot it, so be quick!
  11. Repeat the last few steps until you have gathered 5 Razorthorn Roots.
  12. Leave the area - and your pet - behind. (Your new but surprisingly devoted pet doesn't vanish when you mount. Instead, it does its best to follow you until the separation grows so large it's forced to despawn. I find it touching and rather sad.)
  13. Return to Mar'nah on the Isle of Quel'Danas, and collect your reward: 350 SSO Rep, 15800 experience, 4g40s, Shattered Sun Supplies.
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