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Amazingly, the first of our WoW 201 series, a guide to Marksmanship Hunter Combat, has been updated for Patch 5.04 and Mists of Pandaria.


Getting Gear

Our gear guide includes all the gear (iLevel 333-377) from three sources:

Wowhead and other sites have perfectly reasonable guides to Cataclysm factions and their rewards. However, they're organized by vendor: Each section lists what that faction offers... for all classes. (The same is true of professions, but the crafting lists are even longer.) This means you have to wade through a bunch of stuff you don't want or can't use to try to find something you do want.

If you're playing a Mage, you don't care what the Guardians of Hyjal offer Paladins or whether the mail legs are for Hunters (no) or casters (yes). You can't wear mail!

Regardless of the source (questgivers, faction vendors, or crafters), what you want to know, usually, is this:

That's where we come in. Start here.

Oldies but Goodies

The Argent Tournament Awaits!

If your character isn't quite ready for high-level Cataclysm quests, or you're enhancing your reputation with the main Horde factions, check out our guide to the Argent Tournament, from Aspirant to Valiant to Champion. It's loaded with links, maps, and explanations.

Start here.

Get started in Northrend with our updated guides

Now that a transformed Orgrimmar is overrun with level-85 characters, even Wrath of the Lich King may seem like ancient history. However, if you are a relatively new player, are leveling an alt, skipped a starting zone, or are working on one of the Loremaster achievements, the most efficient path through Northrend goes through our guides.

Check them out!

The Shattered Sun Offensive: A Guide to the Quests

Patch 2.4 introduced a new faction, the Shattered Sun Offensive, and a new zone and questing area, the Isle of Quel'Danas, to level-70 characters. Our debut feature remains the definitive guide to SSO questing:

SSO Quest Guide
Introduction and overview. (Start here!)
Getting the SSO Quests
How and where to find the SSO quests (a step-by-step guide).
Doing the SSO Quests: Part 1
Where to go and how to do the quests on the Isle of Quel'Danas (a step-by-step guide).
Doing the SSO Quests: Part 2
Where to go and how to do the SSO quests elsewhere (a step-by-step guide).
SSO Quest Rewards
What you get from the SSO quests (the bottom line).


Horde vs. Alliance: Despite our orientation, only a small part of this site is faction-specific, and most of the information herein should be useful to people who play Alliance characters. (All of the SSO quests, for example, are the same no matter which side you're on.) On occasion, NPC names or locations may need to be "translated," but if you can remember that Honor Hold is the Alliance equivalent of Thrallmar, you should be OK.

Security Warning: Depending on your browser settings, you may get a warning about "running scripts or ActiveX controls." This is caused by our use of some nice tooltips provided by Wowhead. If you don't care about the fancy tooltips or don't trust Wowhead or us, don't choose to "Allow Blocked Content." You won't get tooltips (and more details) when you mouse over certain linked items, but everything else on the page should work fine. (You may not find the pages of our gear guide very informative, though.)

Archives: Time, expansions, and patches have made some of our old pages obsolete. If for some obscure reason you are interested in any of that material, you can find it in the Archives. Just remember it's outdated.

Updates: This site is very much a work in progress. Much more material is on the way - all intended to make your WoW experience as enjoyable as possible, regardless of how long you've been playing.

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