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Introduction to TRIPLICARDS

TRIPLICARD standard deck All nine TRIPLICARD Aces

The future of card games is not your father's deck of 52. TRIPLICARD playing cards - TRIPLICARDS - have three suits, three main colors, ranks from the half-familiar (e.g., three Aces... of Spells?) to the wholly strange (the Liege of Storms, the Mistress of Chaos), and enough magical weirdness to keep card games interesting for the next millennium.

A TRIPLICARD deck is any official set of TRIPLICARDS, physical or virtual. A TRIPLICARD game is any game designed or adapted for use with a TRIPLICARD deck. The first set of TRIPLICARD games - TRIPLICARDS Volume One - is now available, and more are on the way.

Six court cards

One Small Step for Cards: TRIPLICARDS are like garden-variety playing cards - with a twist (or three). We replaced the tired, old face cards with new, fantasy-flavored court cards comprising unusual ranks, unique personalities, and intriguing powers. While we were at it, we eliminated the gender bias of a conventional deck. (In TRIPLICARD decks, females are neither outnumbered nor outranked by males. Get used to it.) We made ordinary number cards a little less ordinary. (All right, a lot less ordinary.) We added more Aces. (We didn't think you'd mind.) In fact, we added enough cards to divide the standard deck evenly among two to six players.

We added more colors - and gave them something to do. We updated the suits and symbols. We gave each card a more user-friendly layout. Finally, by altering the way the card elements relate, we allowed cards to shift allegiance - from suit to color and back - and thereby transformed card games as profoundly as any enchantment wrought by Circe. In short, we made enough changes to the familiar playing card to patent the results thrice over.

One Giant Leap: Think of TRIPLICARDS as the millennial update.

Details: For pictures and descriptions of TRIPLICARD playing cards, decks, and games, use the links below.

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