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Game Overview: Fanatic

Game Set: TRIPLICARDS Volume One

Type: A TRIPLICARD game. A Free Fall® game.

Summary: Fanatic, a smarter cousin of the conventional game Shamrocks, is a skillful solitaire involving three-card fans.

Beginners Fairly easy to learn and play Veterans
Impossible Can be won 90% of the time Winnable
Luck Winning depends on skillful play Skill
Casual Takes some concentration Intense

Players: One.

Playing Time: 5-10 minutes.

Object: To complete nine towers [orderly piles], each containing a single family of six cards arranged in ascending order (Ace to Six).

Deck: The common pack of 54 TRIPLICARDS, ranked Ace [A], Two [2], Three [3], Four [4], Five [5], Six [6].

Layout: All of the cards are dealt, face up, into a layout comprising 19 fans and a vacancy. (A fan is a cluster of three cards, horizontally overlapped; a vacancy is an empty space - essentially an empty fan - with special properties.)

Foundations: There are nine foundations [tower bases], one for each family.

Play: In the fans, build down in color or up in suit; in the foundation row, build towers up by family.

Quirky Rule #1: A fan can hold no more than three cards.

Quirky Rule #2: A vacancy can be filled (once), but an emptied fan stays empty.

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