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Game Overview: Fifteen

Game Set: TRIPLICARDS Volume One

Type: A TRIPLICARD game. A Free Fall® game.

Summary: Fifteen combines simple game play with the feel of Blackjack, the psychology of "Millionaire," and the sneaky competition of Slotzee and online Pokingo.

Beginners Simple enough for beginners Veterans
Luck Involves more luck than skill Skill
Casual Takes very little concentration Intense

Players: One (10 simulated) in solitaire version. Up to 10 per table online.

Playing Time: Five minutes (ten turns of 30 seconds each).

Object: 1. In each hand, to draw as many cards as possible without letting their value exceed 15.
2. For the game, to accumulate more chips than your opponents.

Deck: The standard deck of 60 TRIPLICARDS, comprising nine Aces [A], nine Twos [2], nine Threes [3], nine Fours [4], nine Fives [5], nine Sixes [6], three Nobles [N], and three Royals [R]. (Donít worry: the game explains their quirks as you play.)

Layout: Similar to Blackjack. Each player is dealt two cards and may draw others, but there is no dealer's hand, and other players' hands are unseen.

Play: With your mouse, click Draw to get another card, or End Turn to score your hand, secure your gains, and end the turn. (This is called "quitting while you're ahead.")

Primary Quirk: You can avoid losing a single chip. Every hand. (Winning the game is a different matter entirely.)

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