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Game Overview: Heredity

Game Set: TRIPLICARDS Volume One

Type: A TRIPLICARD game. A Free Fall® game.

Summary: Heredity is a unique TRIPLICARD solitaire with unconventional rules - hard to win but easy to play, typically casual but capable of sustaining obsessive intensity.

Beginners Fairly easy to learn and play Veterans
Impossible Hard to win Winnable
Luck Takes both luck and skill to win Skill
Casual Doesn't take much concentration Intense

Players: One.

Playing Time: 5-10 minutes.

Object: To fill a 3x3 layout so that each cell comprises a single family of cards; each row a single color; and each column a single suit.

Deck: The common pack of 54 TRIPLICARDS, comprising nine Aces [A], nine Twos [2], nine Threes [3], nine Fours [4], nine Fives [5], and nine Sixes [6].

Layout: The tableau is a 3x3 array of cells. To the left is a reserve of three piles; below is the hand.

Foundations: There are no foundations per se. However, the upper left cell of the tableau is the foundation cell [the starting cell], and the first card played in it, the seed, serves some of the functions of a foundation card.

Play: From the hand and the reserve, fill the foundation cell with the seed (any card) and its family, and gradually fill the rest of the tableau - left to right and top to bottom - by matching the ranks of cards already played in cells above and to the left. (Itís easier to see than say, and with the computerís help you can do it by trial and error.)

Quirky Rule #1: Related cards go together, but their order doesn't matter. (It doesn't have to be the usual A - 2 - 3).

Quirky Rule #2: Aside from the starting cell, you can't play a card until cards of the same rank have been played into the cells above and to the left of your intended destination.

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