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Game Overview: Pokingo

Game Set: TRIPLICARDS Volume One

Type: A TRIPLICARD game. A Free Fall® game.

Summary: Pokingo mixes TRIPLICARDS with Poker Squares and Bingo for fast-moving family fun.

Beginners Fairly easy to learn and play Veterans
Luck Takes both luck and skill to win Skill
Casual Takes some concentration Intense

Players: One (10 simulated) in solitaire version. Up to 10 per table online.

Playing Time: Five minutes (up to ten turns of 30 seconds each).

Object: 1. To fill the layout.
2. To make the best possible TRIPLICARD Poker hands in each row, column, and diagonal.

Deck: The standard deck of 60 TRIPLICARDS, including three Royals [R], three Nobles [N], and 54 common cards ranked Six [6], Five [5], Four [4], Three [3], Two [2], Ace [A]. (Donít worry: the game explains their quirks as you play.)

Layout: Roughly similar to a 5x5 Bingo card with a separate row (in 800x600 mode) or column (in 640x480) into which cards are dealt in each turn.

Play: Play cards by clicking your mouse on empty spaces in the layout. Fill the board in a timely fashion, but try to use cards that form favorable scoring combinations. (Play it safe, with the first cards that come along, or wait for better cards that may never show up?)

Primary Quirk: Card movement is limited to a single dimension; in any turn, only one card can get to each space in the layout. Consequently, playing a card involves nothing more than clicking on a destination space. (Clicking on the card itself is a waste of time.)

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