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The Aldor or the Scryers

In the Outlands, when you get to the city of Shattrath, you are prodded to take a tour of the city (a quest). At the end of that quest, you are offered a choice of factions (opposing factions) to join: the Aldor or the Scryers. The standard reaction seems to be PANIC! RUN! Many players, in fact, get so freaked out by this decision that they avoid it indefinitely - understandable but in the long run counterproductive.

There are lots of details elsewhere about the patterns, inscriptions, and rewards offered by the Aldor, the Scryers, or both. Feel free to peruse them at length. This is more of an overview.

You gain Aldor or Scryer reputation by doing certain quests (a few mid-60s quests in Terokkar and several long, 70ish chains in Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley) and turning in tokens dropped from various creeps. As with the Argent Dawn, there are three kinds of tokens for each faction:

Value Aldor Scryers
Low-level Mark of Kil'jaeden Firewing Signet
Midlevel Mark of Sargeras Sunfury Signet
High-level Fel Armament Arcane Tome

Low-level tokens can only be used until you reach Honored. High-level tokens give much more reputation per token (350 vs. 25) and also give you faction currency (Aldor: Holy Dust, Scryer: Arcane Runes) that can be traded for inscriptions (shoulder enchantments).

In a nutshell:

You really should choose one or the other.

It doesn't make much difference which one you choose.

It does make some difference which one you choose.

Some of these differences will be more important to you than others, of course, and any one of them may prove decisive. Choose accordingly, and don't look back.

If none seems particularly significant, and you still can't make up your mind, go with the Scryers. As a guildmate pointed out, so many quests for the Shattered Sun Offensive involve killing Sunfury Blood Elves (e.g., Sunfury Attack Plans and Taking the Harbor or Crush the Dawnblade) that the Scryer reputation tokens dropped by them have become easier to obtain - and cheaper to buy in the Auction House - than the Aldor equivalents. This was not the case before Patch 2.4, and things may change again, but for now the Scryers are the practical choice.

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