Horde Help

The Shattered Sun Offensive

Quest Rewards

Daily Rewards: Reputation and Cash

Quests from Shattrath: 650 SSO Rep 12g 20s
Quests on the Isle: *2200 SSO Rep *42g 00s
Other Off-Isle Quests: 1200 SSO Rep 22g 00s
TOTALS: *4050 SSO Rep *76g 20s

Other Daily Rewards

Item Quest Notes
Bloodberry Elixir Open for Business This is quite nice if you are currently raiding the Sunwell Plateau raid instance - and useless otherwise.
Blessed Weapon Coating Ata'mal Armaments Caster weapon buff. Use it in Magister's Terrace instance or, if you have an ample supply, for your daily quests on the Isle of Quel'Danas.
Righteous Weapon Coating Ata'mal Armaments Weapon buff for Hunters and melee attackers. Use it in Magister's Terrace or for your daily quests on the Isle.
Major Rejuvenation Potion Gaining the Advantage Restorative potion usable anywhere by anyone with mana. More appropriate for hybrids (Paladins, Shamans, nonferal Druids, and Hunters) than for pure casters.
Shattered Sun Supplies Intercepting the Mana Cells or
Maintaining the Sunwell Portal

Sunfury Attack Plans

Discovering Your Roots or
Rediscovering Your Roots

Blast the Gateway
A Shattered Sun Supplies pouch contains a single generic green item of level (minlevel) 67-69 (most often 68). There is a 10% chance it will also contain one Heroic Badge (which, in quantity, can be used to buy various epic items from G'eras [50,42], a vendor on the west side of the balcony ring in the Terrace of Light in Shattrath - almost directly over the head of Almaador [50,41]).

Reputation Rewards

The rewards available for purchase from Eldara Dawnrunner, the SSO quartermaster, at Reputation levels from Friendly to Exalted, are shown here.

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